Dean MacCannell nicely captured an aspect of this problem in his concept ” staged authenticity.” This term refers to the staging of local culture to create an. Loading data.. Open Bottom Panel. Go to previous Content Download this Content Share this Content Add This Content to Favorites Go to next Content. ← →. This chapter reviews the staged authenticity in cultural arrangements beyond tourism and the implications of this relocation, also exploring Dean MacCannell.

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The continued stage in this tourism sub-sector has been attributed to a shift in tourist desires away from trips involving participation with modernized, centered cultures to experiences with groups who have historically been along the margins [ 2 ]. Their primary economic goal is to reach and sustain a level of income where they can generate jobs for their community. That said, the overall success of the indigenous tourism subsector will be achieved if financial gains do not come at the expense of the culture from which the venture draws.

These scripts must be approved by a group of elders. Can’t read the image? The need to pass down stories from one generation to the next has also been revived since their children must learn their ancestral history if they too are to be successful in the tourism trade.

Real (or) Staged? Authenticity and Cultural Portrayal in Indigenous Tourism

Despite the threat posed by capitalism and globalization to cultural authenticity, there are still certain aspects of indigenous culture which is never shared.

The study further found that the use of theatrical effects in cultural presentations was viewed negatively by tourists. Publications Pages Publications Pages.

This authenticity polysemy can be advantageous in inviting the understanding of authentic within the cultural contexts stsged its production [ 1 ]. Within the Aboriginal community, tourism is seen as a practical, important way to provide an economic base to ensure that communities wuthenticity and that Aboriginal heritage is supported [ 11 ]. Pharmaceutical Sciences Journals Ann Jose ankara escort. However, some of them had been brought up outside the indigenous cultural set up.

In regard to the use of the term authenticity, we are aware of the multiplicity of meaning under negotiation at any given discussion about authenticity.

However, if done properly, the development of performances for tourism can give traditional rituals new meaning, transforming them into celebrations of culture and self-representation for an external audience [ 18 ]. One person interviewed said that he frequently sees Aborigines drunk in the streets of Cairns so, therefore, he does not think they are nice people.


Unsurprisingly, Taylor [ 26 ] compares culture to nature by stating that, like nature, culture too is under attack from the evils of late capitalism. The Ethics of Sightseeing Author s: In other words, even those events that are the most natural are deeply performative events in which authenticity is constructed and constituted [ 3334 ].

Real (or) Staged? Authenticity and Cultural Portrayal in Indigenous Tourism | OMICS International

The question is whether, from the point of view of these respondents, this characterization of indigenous cultural productions truly captures the authenticity or inauthenticity in cultural portrayal.

Ideally, Indigenous tourism is a niche market or special interest sector, which includes a wide range of experiences, built around tourists visitations. Agri and Aquaculture Journals Dr. Souvenir selection of respondents who had not participated in an indigenous tourism experience.

Their right to decide on how their cultural heritage is portrayed, must at all-time be respected [ 27 ]. This study examined the perceptions of authenticity in cultural portrayals by both visitors and indigenous tourism operators in Far North Queensland. Even, though tourists tend to have their presupposed original culture, Cohen postulates that they are able to accept a product maccannel, tourism as authentic, if in their opinion, it comes close enough to the actual experience [ 18 ].

On the other hand, there are those who argue that its economic gains can lead to increased cultural preservation. We focused on 3 locations, which receive the greatest number of tourist visiting far north Queensland, namely the city of Cairns and the surrounding towns of Kuranda et al. These programs are crucial in this process of eliminating racial stereotypes. Several tourist respondents admitted to having aufhenticity preconceived images.

This inquisitiveness by tourists is perhaps an intuitive way of gauging both the traditionality and aboriginality of the performances, against their perceived ideas of authenticity.

Ann Jose ankara escort. A cross sectional survey involving indigenous tourism operators and visitors in far north Queensland was conducted, in order to gain a perspective on indigenous cultural tourism within the region. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world market today. We found evidence of this in this study, where one of the businesses we visited was working to modernize its display of culture and explained the difficulty in maintaining cultural authenticity while simultaneously working to increase visitor numbers.

They want their tourism venture to be a source of pride for the entire community and to be something of which the autjenticity generation can aspire to be a part.

This makes it ideal for the development of indigenous tourism, which both the government and other stakeholders are encouraging [ 12 ]. A common theme throughout all of the interviews with the tourism operators was the necessity to tailor the experience to the audience. Surveys were administered to both visitors and Aboriginal tourism operators in the selected towns. One respondent stated that they would only purchase artifacts and artwork if the pieces came with documentation certifying the item was created by an Aboriginal artist.


This approval process gives the community a voice in the tourist venture so they can ensure their culture is being presented sensitively. The tourism industry is often accused of objectifying people and cultures in order to represent the world in the most marketable way [ 7 ].

Staged Authenticity Today – California Scholarship

Several groups stressed that entering the tourism market has forced them to relearn their stories. Hence, balancing visitor expectations of authentic cultural portrayal, and the need for the Aboriginal people to keep their sacred information secret, will almost always result in contested ethos of cultural authenticity. Under the terms of the licence agreement, an individual user authengicity print out a PDF of a single chapter of a monograph in CALSO for personal use for details authenticiry www.

Clearly, many of the performers had minimal understanding of their own culture, but were very eager to learn and reconnect with it. Some of the operators explained that they do not share cultural information pertaining to the use of medicinal plants in their territories as doing so would compromise their cultural intellectual property rights. The prolonged survival of the community and the preservation of their culture depend on their ability to keep some elements of their culture private [ 10 ].

Tourists are more likely to resort to make-believe to overlook any shortcomings in order to have an authentic experience [ 18 ], which could explain why there were an overwhelming number of authentic responses in this study. In considering how to appeal to the widest possible audience, indigenous tourism operators have to consider how they will meet a range of tourist desires while maintaining a high level of authenticity regardless of visitor interests.

It could therefore be said that, the tourists were looking for provenance from the artefacts, to judge their authenticity. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content.

And as Theodossopoulos asserts, authentic portrayal of indigenous cultures is inherently difficult to balance with maccannelo and lifestyle changes within the community [ 6 ].

A total of visitor and 22 Aboriginal tour operator interviews were conducted. In addition, there was a marked preference for purchasing souvenirs directly from the communities that produced them. May 13, Citation: