Lost Christianities. The Battles for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew. Bart D. Ehrman. Shows how early forms of Christianity came to be. These are just a few of the many provocative questions you explore in Lost Christianities: Christian Scriptures and the Battles over Authentication. In Lost Christianities, Bart D. Ehrman offers a fascinating look at these early forms of Ehrman examines in depth the battles that raged between “proto-orthodox.

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Despite all this criticism, I give the book two stars an “okay” rating because it contains so much information, all in one place, on early Christian and Gnostic literature, early sects, and the history of Christianity.

The best-selling Chritianities author, writer and preacher Was he a man or God, or just a spirit of piety? Another excellent book by Bart Erhman. The New Testament is a collection of writings that support a particular set of views of Christianity.

I admit that the parade of different groups Marcionites, Ebionites, etc makes one feel a bit as though one’s head has turned into Euston Station, with all these people milling around, pushing and shoving, but Ehrman’s writing style makes this more than tolerable. The proto-orthodox Christians won out over many other groups, and bequeathed to us the four Gospels, a church hierarchy, a set of practices and beliefs, and doctrines such as the Trinity.

LOST CHRISTIANITIES: The Battles for Scriptures and the Faiths We Never Knew

Ehrman writes from the perspective of a historian, not a Ehrman is thorough and open-minded in his discussion of ancient texts and beliefs. Share your thoughts with other customers. And yet, as Ehrman explains, there continued to be debates and disputes even in his own church. And you will be much delighted or much distressed, depending on whether you christiainties or cherish that old tree for which the author grinds his axe.


Lost Christianities – Bart D. Ehrman – Oxford University Press

It also served to resolve a question of mine with respect ebrman the historicity of Jesus so many different and sincere groups with different interpretations and their own Scriptures make me fall squarely on the view that Jesus was a historical figure. The author traces out why these other books never came to be included in the official canon, and discusses how the Bible might have christianitles out differently from the one we know.

I continuously wondered throughout the course of This book provided quite an educational and eye-opening experience in learning of some historical aspects of the creation of the New Testament. In this one, he focuses on the different early forms that Christianity took, prior to the Romanization of the religion when it was melded with official Roman state authority christianiteis the 4th century.

In Ehrman’s sensational version of events, the proto-orthodox, through their “machinations,” destroyed these other forms of Christianity, which are themselves occasionally portrayed as more virtuous or liberating than orthodox Christianity. And for many people, this is a very threatening notion. Lastly, I think this book makes eyrman very clear, in its short pages, that: The Marcionites decided that everything Jewish had to be taken out of the New Testament and that the Jewish Bible fhristianities no longer going to considered part of the scriptures.

Jun 19, Rich DiSilvio rated it it was amazing.

Start reading Lost Christianities on your Kindle in under a minute. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. AmazonGlobal Ship Ehfman Internationally. What we have nowadays, he makes plain, is the result of a sort of last-man-standing war of attrition.

Sep 06, Neil Hanson rated it really liked it. What if the Ebionites—who believed Jesus was completely human and not divine—had ruled the day as the Orthodox Christian party?

Lost Christianities: The Battles for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Ehrman examines in depth the battles that raged between “proto-orthodox Christians”–those who eventually compiled the canonical books of the New Testament and standardized Christian belief–and the groups they denounced as heretics and ultimately overcame.


The Arsenal of the Conflicts: Apr 25, Becky rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s a little hard to know with the Gnostics, because there were so many different kinds of Gnostics competing among themselves, as well as competing against the Christians who ended up winning out over the others.

Ehrman eloquently characterizes some of the movements and Scriptures that were curistianities, such as the Ebionites and the Secret Gospel of Mark, as he outlines the many losst of Christianity that competed for attention llst the second and third centuries.

Jan 01, Skylar Burris rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Was he fully human, fully divine, a mix of the two, or both things at once? This book opens the reader’s mind to the possibility that the traditional “orthodoxy” may not accurately reflect the original teaching of Jesus.

Lost Christianities – The Bart Ehrman Blog

Books by Bart D. In this book the collections did not happen during this time, but there were many who were being destroyed for pure pleasure of the Romans non faith in anything really.

I found it intriguing that canonization “officially” occurred during the Council of Trent, though a letter dated AD by Alexandrian bishop Athanasius which states, “in these alone the teaching of godliness is proclaimed. I think Jesus was rejected because of his odd behavior as a child, God being so pure and seeing men as they really are gives way to condemnation.