Cracked by K M Walton – book cover, description, publication history. Bullying gets a thorough examination in Walton’s YA debut, a stark, but often heavy-handed story that alternates between the perspectives of. I have had Cracked by KM Walton in my TBR pile for an obnoxious amount of time, at least two years which is totally unreasonable as it is so.

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The easiest way I have of explaining these issues without explicitly stating them is by stating that I actually believe the characters in crackev book are of a higher age and reading level than those who are meant to read this book.

Cheesy William aka “Bull” and the victim of his torment, Victor, end up roommates in a psych ward after suicide attempts. The bullying has gone on since kindergarten and hasn’t improved. Bull has an abusive and horrific home life.

All criticisms aside, I was well and truly satisfied by the ending of this novel. I sort of wish this wasn’t true because there will be many people that assume that my respect and love for CRACKED is influenced by those connections.

Bull, on the other hand, is abused at home by his family, so he takes out his anger ceacked Victor at school. It was more like, “We got that out in the open, now let’s just move on and act like it never happened. Victor keeps mostly to himself.

Cracked by K.M. Walton

He must work at k.m.walton Salvation Army to be able to afford the basics in life because his family does not provide them — they drink all their money away. I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. And as an educator we are often the people who receive the blame for “allowing” the bullying to occur.


Because of this, Bull continues being a bully because, well, it helps him feel like he has some sort of power and control in his life. The plot was good but seemed to end up too perfect and the focus on the romance seemed a bit much. Zurah There’s a lot of inappropriate language in the book.

Lady Thief by A.

You know that person who always has a book in their purse and a glass of wine on hand? Can anyone offer me some feedback on how appropriate this book would be? Bull, on the other hand, is abused at home by his family, so he takes out This book was decent, but I was definitely far from amazed while reading this.

Five days inpatient psychiatric treatment after a suicide attempt can barely scratch the surface, but most insurances won’t pay for more than that, some cover fewer days. I thought I would loathe him because he is a bully.

In an even, direct prose style, Walton nails the voices of her heroes and doesn’t sugar coat their difficult circumstances. My father was a counselor in a maximum security prison. The only person who ever goes to the graveyard besides Bull is an old groundskeeper and well, Bull knows how to avoid the groundskeeper. It was very moving, quite sad actually. Cracked is very fast paced. So Bull tries to defend himself with a loaded gun. Going, then I think you have a new hero to add to your bookshelves.

Bull you aren’t supposed to expect to be intelligent and Victor isn’t supposed to have any problems at home. There is something in this book that everyone will be able to relate to. Jan 18, Sally Kruger added it.

Walton takes a deeper look at the horrendous effects bullying has on both parties. When the boys wake up from their hospital treatment, they find themselves in the same room. K.m.wakton bad parts were bad, but the simplistic solutions, and overly neat ending made everything that came before seem less significant.


Cracked by KM Walton | Book Review | Good Books & Good Wine

The description makes it sound like the main focus will be the confrontations between Bull and Victor and the development of their relationship, but that turned out to be only a small part of the story. She works for a non-profit. Overall, this is a very powerful book that touches on the ever-present topic of bullying. I hoped for a little more between Crxcked and Bull, too. When Bull and another patient on the unit, were caught in Bull’s bed by the nurse, they would have been punished in some manner.

Um, what the what. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family. There is one place Bull is happy though, the graveyard, where he brings books that he buys brand new to read in peace and silence and also hides away the cash he saves from work.

Cracked by KM Walton | Book Review

In her free time she can be found binge watching The Office with her husband and baby, spending way too much time on Pinterest or exploring her neighborhood.

Nov 06, Lenore Appelhans rated it it was amazing Shelves: The fact that they weren’t reprimanded in any way really annoyed me. Mar 01, Corrine Jackson added it. The secondary cast left ceacked to be desired — at times Lacey and Nikole were indistinguishable from each other — but they served their primary function well: